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Toronto Colonic Irrigation Clinic enjoys the reputation of a highly professional institution offering colonic hydrotherapy treatment.

Colonic Irrigation Clinic

Over the years we have developed an effective, safe and comfortable approach to colon cleansing.

Colonic Irrigation Clinic

Enjoy the benefits of colonic irrigation given by our experienced certified colonic hydrotherapists.

Colonic Irrigation Clinic

Enjoy the benefits of colonic irrigation given by our experienced certified colonic hydrotherapists.

Colonic Irrigation Clinic


Colonic irrigation is a safe and effective procedure of colon therapy intended to remove toxic waste from the colon and intestinal tract.

This valuable procedure is similar to an internal bath cleansing and hydrating the entire colon.

Colonic irrigation can help a wide variety of conditions and specific symptoms such as constipation, headaches, allergies, diarrhea, distended abdomen, bad breath, skin problems, chronic fatigue, difficult weight loss, abdominal gas, hypertension.

Many of our clients claim that colon irrigation helped them live their lives without drugs, regain and maintain health. Cleanse your body and make lifestyle changes to enjoy improved health and wellness.

Toronto colonic irrigation Clinic

Some facts about Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Irrigation Procedure
The most effective colonic cleansing

To be healthy you need to keep your colon clean by regular cleansing. This is the only effective way to lead a productive life. Colonic irrigation is the most effective and safe method of colonic cleansing. The procedure involves the colon's irrigation by filtrated warm water which flows into the colon under slight pressure, 40-60 liters of water for one procedure. Unlike enema, this treatment allows flushing the whole colon, moreover during the procedure a patient can get special natural supplements which make the cleansing even more effective. The procedure is not inconvenient, and after it the patient feels relieved.

What are the effects of colonic irrigation?

The curative effect can hardly be overestimated. The whole colonic irrigation course usually includes 6-10 procedures and guarantees healthcare effect. The colon's walls cleansing provides parasites purification, removes slimy matrix and harmful substances. All bodily functions recover due to purified blood. Blood pressure normalizes, and the displaced organs return to the proper position. Colonic irritation improves the functioning of the pancreas and lowers blood sugar level in diabetics. Colonic irrigation reactivates most of the functions of the colon and restores colonic microflora. Colon treatment is designed not only to stimulate the colon function, but it makes people energetic and what is more this kind of therapy reduces the risks of potential incurable diseases.

Who should undergo colonic irrigation

Usually most people have the colonic-related problems in their early forties, although nowadays rather young people have such health concerns. One of our patients was only 19 years old. Colonic irrigation is strongly recommended as prophylactic procedure for people with allergies, headaches, asthma, radiculitis, prostatitis, hypertension, insomnia, chronic fatigue, substandard performance (degraded condition). And especially for those who suffer from constipations, diarrhea, aerogenesis, abdominal distension, body smell, skin diseases.

Colonic irrigation - an effective approach to treating:

• inflammatory and infectious conditions
• arthrosis, rheumatism, psoriasis
• degenerative processes and premature aging
• skin diseases
• hypertension and migraines
• allergies

Colonic therapy is effective for prevention of oncological diseases of the colon and intestinal tract cancer.

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